As the experience at Maserati taught us and as every entrepreneur knows, the power and the ethics of a company are nowadays measured with the power of the Brand, a so powerful tool which allows to create the desire, the experience and to influence the demand. Growing up in an advertising agency gives you a very different perspective of the world. We get up in the morning with an abstract idea and we come back home in the evening with a concrete one. The upcoming days, weeks or months, we see the final product in the stores, exactly as we wanted it to be. Then we see people loving and enjoying those products. That’s why we really love what we do, with a particular regard on ethics and social issues.

ZED® Branding globally operates in order to create a successful identity for new Brands and to bring back to life those already on the market. Creativity and Strategy are our most powerful weapons. We create (real) added value with the help of our Italian Creativity and our Swiss reliability. This is what we stand for, from Zürich to Paris, from New York to Milan.

Fabio Zeneli
CEO & Brand Manager